Real Life Story: Surviving a Hurricane

It’s National Hurricane Preparedness Week and we’ve pulled together the best of the best advice from experts and readers to help you get ready (it’s helpful for all disasters not just hurricanes)!

The most amazing pieces of advice came from Dean Trevelino, who survived Hurricane Ivan and Jeanne. Here’s his story:

My wife, son (who was four at the time) and I were in our home in Atlanta, a mid-century modern, one-level classic modern ranch, written up in Atlanta in the 50s as the first all plywood home in the city … sensible modern they called it. Hurricane Ivan was the fourth in a series of hurricanes that year that ultimately raised the levels of the creeks so high that the neighboring creek rose and consumed our entire property.

We were in the home when the water rose around us. Within minutes our pool was lost to muddy, sewage-ridden black water; then it was in the home and rising quickly. I can still see my son on the bed as the water rose around him. I grabbed my son, wife and laptops, opened the front door to what appeared to be a rush of the nastiest water we had ever seen, making its way into our perfectly white modern home.

We left two cars in the garage including a 57 Speedster. I took my family to a nearby hotel and came back to try to salvage the cars. By that time, the home was completely engulfed by three feet and eventually four feet of water. The fire department would not let us in to retrieve anything.

Keep reading and learned how Dean recovered from the storm…

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