What Things Are Allowed In Carry-On Luggage?

So we got this question today – What is allowed in carry-on?
It’s a good question and as it turns out, timely.
Why?  Well, there’s the vacation I’m planning for next Spring.  It’s the same vacation that will see me cram as much as I possibly can into a carry on to avoid the $25 “extra bag charge”.  It’s about conquering the ‘carry-on-conundrum -here’s what the experts have told us

2) Carry On Bags – Make It All Fit

3) I may splurge and bring that extra bag. If you’re wondering howmuch that will cost – here’s a listing of all the major carriers’ phone numbers and web sites.

4) And lastly – cheap travel tips.

Happy travels (and here’s to one carry on…)

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