Save Money, Have a Baby (3 of 5)

Our first two posts covered general hints about baby shopping and how to apply those hints in the Nursery.Now it’s save money for your On-the-Go Lifestyle.

On the Go
In the car, strolling the mall, hiking the trails, riding the train – sound familiar? Parents are always on the go.

Check out these hints:

  • The most expensive car seat is not necessarily the safest. Do your homework before purchasing (or call us and we’ll do it for you).  You can also find some great tips on ‘Child Car Seat Safety’ here.
  • Contact your insurance provider before shopping for a car seat. They may pick up the tab.
  • If you have an extra receiving blanket handy, roll it up and use it as an infant head support for your car seat.  The store bought supports are an added expense you don’t need.
  • Yeah that travel system (stroller/infant seat combo) looks great, but it probably isn’t the best fit (See this mom in the picture? That’s a heavy stroller!). Most of these strollers are 30 pound beasts. Instead, concentrate on a safe car seat and from there find a lightweight stroller that’s compatible.

We’ll see you shortly for the fourth post with more great money saving tips!

- Sarah and Linda

Linda Bauchwitz and Sarah Chambers are a mother/daughter team and owners of Before & After Baby Planning LLC, a concierge and consulting service that helps new and expectant parents prepare for their new arrival.  They can be reached at 763-494-3201 and on the web at:

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