Home Break In – Tips from a Theft Survivor (2 of 2)

Here are Elizabeth’s last five tips. Missed part one?  You can read it here.

Follow up with police
Follow up with police
  1. If you can, find photos and receipts of any of the missing items for insurance purposes.  Having trouble?  Many stores keep a list of customers and their purchase.  For example, it’s pretty easy to find receipts for good jewelry.  Another good tip?  Ask for family photos from holidays or celebrations at your house – your things will be in the background.
  2. Be proactive and look for your things.  Local pawn shops can be a great place to start.
  3. Follow up with the police.  Your responding officer will give you a case reference number – refer to it when you call to follow up.
  4. In Elizabeth’s case a suspect was caught.  They got a call from the county attorney’s office regarding the suspect’s trial date and restitution (payment to us for the stolen and un-recovered items).  She says that when you’re calculating restitution be sure to include your insurance deductible and depreciation that was taken out of your insurance settlement.
  5. Pay attention to the case.  If guilty and sentenced, the thief will have longer to “work off what they owe back to you” while in jail.  This gives you an idea if there’s a chance you’ll see the full amount of your restitution.

BONUS TIP!  Be patient. Be prepared for the process to take time.  Elizabeth felt luck that someone was caught – from identification of a suspect through a guilty plea and sentencing, their process was two months.

Thanks Elizabeth!

– Susan

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