Those who passed in 08

Writing a Eulogy

There are a lot of 2008 summaries on news sites.  I’m seeing the requisite list of famous and influential people who passed away this year.  Heath Ledger, George Carlin, Bernie Mac, Tim Russert…

One of the most common questions we get about funerals is how to write a eulogy.  Here are some ideas readers have sent to us –

  • Talk about the person’s unique characteristics – their choice of clothing; their way of laughing, telling stories, talking
  • Did they take memorable vacations
  • Were they know for their work
  • Make the speech simple to read
  • Some things that might be funny to your friends and age group might not be appropriate for everyone attending. Err on the sides of caution, respect and dignity.

More good advice on our article – Writing a Eulogy

– Susan

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