Screaming Child on a Plane

Flying w/Kids for the Holidays

Snakes are a joy compared to a screaming child on a plane.

If you’re a parent – or a nearby passenger – you know that the change in the plane’s cabin pressure most often starts kids howling.

So if you’re flying with kids this holiday season, we have collected advice from other parents on making your plane a ‘no-cry’ zone.

  1. Something to drink, eat or suck on. Bring a bottle for infants, a juice box or two, or Cheerios or goldfish crackers. No thirsty or not hungry?  Give a special treat sucker.  Why? As the cabin pressure changes, swallowing helps to ‘pop’ ears and alleviate pressure.
  2. Plan your travel around sleep or nap times.  Kids will do better if completely sacked out upon take off or landing.
  3. Build your own Emergency Entertainment Kit. Entertain your child as best you can for the few minutes while cabin is pressurized.
  4. Nothing working? Prepare to reach out to those around you by offering free earplugs.  Earplugs can be purchased inexpensively and come in individual sterile packaging.  If your child is inconsolable, offering earplugs can go a long way to pacifying frustrated passengers around you.

Here’s to quiet travels this holiday season!

- Susan

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