Save Money, Have a Baby (Part 5 of 5)

Thanks for joining us for our final post in our series on saving money while planning for your baby.

I Can Be Inexpensive!

Clothing, Diapers and Dollars

Onesies, booties & sleepers – how can something so little cost so much? There must be ways to save. Here are a few ideas we have come up with:

If you plan to have multiple baby showers, here is a great tip to pass on to the hosts

  • Designate an age for each shower: 0-3 mo., 3-6 mo., 6-9 mo., etc. – this way you won’t end up with 50 newborn outfits.  (Especially important because babies double their birth weight by 5 mo. and triple by 1 year.)
  • 5,300 – This is how many diapers you’ll change until your child is potty trained.  That’s a lot of diapers – and dollars!  A good solution is cloth diapers – cost effective, eco-friendly AND you can save by purchasing used.
  • Be cautious when washing and drying infant clothes and diapers. That soft, baby skin is very sensitive and prone to reactions. Drier sheets and fabric softeners are one of the major culprits – we suggest skipping them entirely.
  • If you find yourself getting too many items in the same size, hold off on washing the majority until you are truly sure you will use it. That way you can return those items, unwashed with tags on, if needed.
  • Let’s say you acted on that pre-labor spurt of energy, got overly ambitious and washed all of the baby stuff you had. All we can say is…thank goodness for consignment shops. If you can’t return it, sell it.

As you have learned, there are some very simple ways to save while baby shopping. The next time you attempt to attack those baby aisles you can think outside the box. Take these tips and run with them. Be proud of your newly acquired skills of penny pinching, reusing, and repurposing.

- Sarah and Linda

Linda Bauchwitz and Sarah Chambers are a mother/daughter team and owners of Before & After Baby Planning LLC, a concierge and consulting service that helps new and expectant parents prepare for their new arrival.  They can be reached at 763-494-3201 and on the web at:

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