Ice Storms Often Mean No Power

Hey, playing poker is kind of fun! Have younger kids? Play Go Fish or Crazy 8s
Hey - Poker is fun! Have younger kids? Try Crazy 8s or Go Fish

In the past 24 hours, ice storms have moved through teh Midwest to he Northweat, cutting power in many states including Arkansas, Kentucky and Oklahoma.

School has been cancelled in many areas (trust me, a joy to children everywhere) and even businesses are calling it a day.

If you’re home with kids and have no power, they’ll realize they can’t watch TV, turn on the radio, or play on the computer. Plus, that phone will need to be charged soon…but where?

If you need some ideas to keep the kids busy – look at this Kids Emergency Entertainment article.  It’s ideas, games and activities from moms and dads who had to keep their kids busy after Hurricane Katrina, as well as teachers who strive to keep everyone as smart as possible. They can be adapted to almost any age, though you’ll some make more sense for younger kids.

For those moms and dads who are not at home with kids, trapped by ice and snow, here is a terrific round-up of 50 of the best mom blogs to keep track of. All are listed on OnTeensToday by Vanessa Van Patten.

Stay warm and entertained,

– Susan

ps – need ideas on how to keep that house safe and warm? Go here.

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