Best of the Day – Stump at the Westminster Dog Show

OK, a couple of posts about the dogs, but who doesn’t love a good-looking dog? We’re watching the 133rd Westminster Dog Show.

Congratulations to the Best in Show winner – the 10 year-old Sussex, Stump, from the Sporting Group!  He’s the oldest winner at the Westminster and a well-deserved champion. We’re fans of the sporting group since Office Dog Lovey is a golden and in that group (she’s pictured here).

hey, I'm too much of an imp to be a show dog
hey, I don't need a cheese cloth filter on this photo to make me look good... oh, it's just out of focus...

We’re seeing a lot of ads about animal shelters and adopting dogs.  We’ve collected some terrific advice on what to think about when you’re adopting a dog – or any pet – go here for our info and go here for more ideas from the American Kennel Club – 101 suggestions on being a responsible dog owner (no pressure – just 101…)(if only kids came with hundred of suggestions….)

And, is it us or are these Westminster dogs better looking that most? (yah, it’s a joke, we know they’re best of the best of the best….).

Just saw a commercial about traveling with pets.  Say, if you’re traveling with a dog, check out these tips from our interviews with experts and dog owners …

Flying with a pet

Driving with a pet

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