Road trips and pizza

Here’s something to celebrate when you’re traveling – good pizza.

Driving back from Wisconsin after the grueling cross-country ski 7K (where we were passed by a dad, using one pole and pulling a child….), we decided to stop a place outside of Luck, Wisconsin called JJ’s Club.

Located on Highway 35, JJ’s is a pizza shop, pool hall, bar and lounge – and it’s where you’ll find the BEST pizza in the world.

We stopped in after 1 pm on a Sunday and suffice to say, the owner was terrific, the staff a delight and again – the pizza (mushroom, onion) was amazing. The cheese was perfect, (an 80/20 mix of mozzarella and something else, the chef said he’s have to kill us if he told us…); the mushrooms plump, the onions crisp and the sauce – not too sweet, not too sharp.  The crust? Golden, crunchy without being too done, almost buttery.

If you’re ever in Wisconsin (and we know many of you are….), go to JJ’s.

Do you have a great pizza place you’ve found while traveling?  Email us (Susan (at) and let us know; we’ll post it.

– Susan

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