The Club – Car Rentals

When we were first researching and interviewing about car rental, we’d rent cars for our business trips to test advice, find out what worked best, uncover glitches, how glitches were handled, etc.

While we found Hertz and National to be delightful, their ‘clubs’ are equally nice.

When you enroll in the clubs (check for fees) you get to bypass lines and go straight to your car (National Emerald Club) or head to special area that lists your name and the location of your on the lot (Hertz #1 Club Gold – $60/year).

We are in the National club and rented with them this weekend. Everything is scanned, so it was a painless pick-up/drop-off process.

If you have to rent a car for business or pleasure, read this article on Renting a Car. I reviewed it before we rented to be sure we were following the advice we’d collected.

Also, check out these sites for national travel and road closure information plus this toll calculator directory – both are very handy.

– Susan

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