Drive and Keep Pets Safe!

Lauren Fix, the Car Coach has passed on smart tips for traveling in the car with your dog or cat. Here are a few …

Don't drive with your pet's head out of the window!
Driving this way is wrong


Animal safety in cars is critical to your best friend’s safety.

  1. Restraints and Airbags
    Airbags deployed in the front seat could harm your pet. And, an unrestricted pet will be thrown about and possibly injured, or injure a passenger during panic braking or in a collision. Pets should be restrained in the rear seat in pet harnesses or pet carriers that are secured by seat belts.
  2. No Running
    Don’t let your cat or dog run around in the car – it’s dangerous for both of you. Cats who don’t like the car may go berserk and try to claw their way out, or claw at you, or at the very worst, climb under your pedals. Always cage cats and place the cage on the rear floor.
  3. Heads Out the Window? No!
    See that picture with the dog’s head out of the window? Don’t do it! Do not let your dog hang his head out the window! He loves it, but it’s an easy way to get eye damage from flying dust and dirt.
  4. No Smoking, Please
    Don’t smoke in the car. This can increase feelings of nausea in humans, so most likely it would do the same to your pet.
  5. No Laps
    Don’t let your dog or cat sit on your lap while you are in the driver’s seat. It can be dangerous in a panic situation to try to maneuver around your pet.
  6. Too Hot? Too Cold? Not in the Car!
    Never, EVER leave an animal inside a car on a very cold or hot day. Every year, hundreds of animals are killed this way.

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