Kids and Shopping Cart Safety

Don't put me on a shopping cart
Don't put me on a shopping cart

How many of you have seen that new mom or dad cruising through the grocery store with the little one strapped into a car seat that is balanced on top of the shopping cart?

Or *gasp* is that you?!

PAY ATTENTION HERE! -There is NOT A SINGLE CAR SEAT ON THE MARKET made to fit safely on shopping carts.

With so many car seats snapping into strollers these days, we have been lulled into thinking that they fit in and on everything – including shopping carts.

But stop and think about it – those car seats only fit certain strollers, so why would they universally fit all shopping carts?

We know it’s not as convenient to place your little one in the basket portion of the cart, but consider that.  Or – better yet use a front carrier.  Your baby’s safety is the most important thing.

- WHN baby-bloggers Sarah and Linda at

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