Best of the Day: Spring Break – Where’s My Hotel?

Spring break is here.  (We’re not sure because we haven’t seen the MTV schedule for their spring break telethon.)(Do they even do that anymore or is it all simply tweeted?)

Here are some spring break safety tips we got from from marketing directors who work at hotels in Florida.

Yes, they’ve seen a lot – so trust us when we say that if it’s good advice for partying college-age vacationers, it’s also sound advice for adult travelers who may also tip a few back on vacation…

1. Double Triple Dare You

Triple-check your reservations before heading out the door (airplane, hotel, rental car, any other tours or trips). Nothing’s worse than getting to a crowded spring break town and finding that not only is your hotel reservation lost, but everything else is fully booked.

Leave copies of your trip itinerary and important contact numbers with family or friends at home so that they know how to contact you in case of an emergency.

2. Health Check

Make sure to bring along your meds and health insurance card – just in case.

3. Financial Security

Bring along backup traveler’s checks or credit cards, in case your purse or wallet gets lost or stolen. Keep these backup items in a separate and secure location.

4. Keep It Safe

Leave all your valuables and jewelry at home or at school (are you really going to use your iPod/laptop/video game system while you’re sightseeing and soaking up the sun?).

5. Reduce Theft and Risk

Reduce your risk of theft: Never leave your luggage or personal belongings unattended in a public area.

6. Driving?

Allow yourself plenty of time to get there. Read our Car Travel section for more quick safety tips.

7. Flying?

Remember, there are new carry-on restrictions for air travel. Not sure what to pack in your carry-on? Read What’s Allowed In Your Carry-On Luggage.

Headed overseas? Make sure to check out the U.S. State Department’s Consular Information Sheets for country overviews, as well as travel warnings, regarding locations and issues of concern for Americans traveling abroad.

Print out the U.S. embassy city contact information for the countries you’ll be in – keep this list with you at all times. Why? In case you lose your passport or there’s an emergency, you may need to find the embassy. Leave a copy of the embassy list with a friend for backup.

8. Leave the Rings at Home

My husband and I have ‘travel wedding rings’ we take with us so we don’t lose the ‘real ones’ – which we’ve come close to doing in the ocean a few times!

9. Safety In Numbers

Travel with others and stick together: program each other’s numbers into your cell phones. Going out on an errand or walk? Make sure to mention where you’re going and when you’ll be back.

10. Program Your Cell Phone

Program your hotel’s phone number, address and your room number – in case your memory escapes you.

Before you head out the door to hit the town, program the phone numbers for local taxis and transport services into your phone – this is if you need a lift home at the end of the night.

Have fun!


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