Disaster of the Day – AIG

Since you and I own 80% of AIG, I’d like a few words with the CEO on why he’s rewarding bad employees with multi-million dollar bonuses.

If I lost m/billions of dollars for a company, I’d get fired no matter what my employment contract said.

Keep whatever you have left safe. Here are some good tips.

  1. Teach your family about home security.
  2. Explain security precautions and explain why they are important in keeping your home secure.
  3. Ask each family member to remember to lock the door EVERY TIME (coming and going) and keep a careful watch on their own set of keys.
  4. Show them where the keys to internal locks are located in case they have to exit your home quickly.
  5. Tell your children to never answer the door when they are home alone.
  6. Do not trust an unfamiliar delivery, utility person or anyone else who requests access to your home, unless you have set up the appointment ahead of time and they show proper identification.
  7. Be wary of door-to-door canvassers. Most legitimate fundraisers carry a solicitor’s permit as well as an office number you can call to verify their legitimacy.
  8. Lock your doors and windows even if you step outside for just a moment.

Need more? Go here.

– Susan

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