Grilling on Memorial Day Weekend – Don’t Blow Up the House

It’s finally warm and we’re grilling out with friends this weekend.

The grill has been hibernating since last fall; we’ll be going through tips our writers put together on grilling safety so we don’t inadvertently blow up the house or set the dog on fire.

Here’s good info on BBQ safety from the Home Safety Council.

We just posted this on backyard fire pit safety.

Here are a couple of good tips from both articles.

  1. Establish a ‘no-kid zone’ around the BBQ and the fire pit.
  2. Never leave children unsupervised. Kids tend to not realize the danger in fire and are fearless when it comes to getting close to one. Children can be careless when walking or playing around a fire and get seriously hurt.
  3. Don’t eat too many cheeseburgers at once. Pace yourself.  There a lots of parties. Remember – it’s a three-day weekend.

Ok, that last one isn’t in any of the articles…Just good advice.

Watch the kids (and the dogs) and have fun this weekend!


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