Heidi Klum and Seal Have a Baby Girl

Here’s a fun tidbit – Heidi and Seal have had a baby girl.  they named her Lou Sulola Samuel.

Here are some cool baby name sites from our article on picking baby names: These are also fun to see what your name means, its origins and how popular it is. Also, check out the bottom link – the Baby Name Genie site.

  • QuickBabyNames.com
    Here you’ll find over 20,000 searchable baby names and their meanings, with popularity charts based on US statistics, and a nifty little name “filter” that makes choosing a baby name a whole lot easier.
  • ValleyOfNames.com
    A fantastic resource to help you find the perfect name for your baby. Great tools that make searching for your baby’s name much easier. Choose from thousands of existing names or new ones added by visitors every day!
  • The Baby Name Genie
    This is a fun one – it came up with a name for a girl for us – Lexus (yes, a car….). With a click of your mouse, this online “genie” will generate first and middle names to go with your last name and baby’s gender. (Note: whether or not you agree with the genie’s pronouncements is entirely up to you.)

– Susan

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