Find a Good Mechanic

Finding a mechanic you trust is harder than one would think. First, you need to trust this person because they are taking care of one your most expensive assets, and secondly – you’re giving them lots of money.  Here’s some good advice from around the country on finding a good mechanic….

  1. Read your owner’s manual to become familiar with your vehicle and follow the manufacturer’s suggested service schedule.
  2. Look for a mechanic before you need repairs.
  3. Make a list of mechanics and repair shops in your area (look in a phone book or online). You may want to choose a facility close to a public transportation line, your home or work. Imagine what you would need to get around if you didn’t have your car.
  4. Consider what type of business you would prefer: dealership, retail chain stores or an independently-owned business.
  5. Ask friends and associates for recommendations before choosing a facility.
    • Ask about the mechanic’s competence, reliability and honesty.
    • Ask about the quality of the work.
    • Ask about the cost of the prices.
  6. Check with the Better Business Bureau, local consumer organizations or online rankings to find out about a mechanic’s reputation.  Ask about past complaints and how they were resolved.
  7. Check to see if the auto repairs shop is ASE Certified.  ASE stands for The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, which is a professional certification testing organization for mechanics. 
    • ASE Certified mechanics must undergo training and testing every five years to keep their certification.
    • This is a handy site from the ASE that helps you find a certified service professional near you.
  8. Once you’ve narrowed down your list, check out a few shops. It is important, if possible, to get estimates from a few different mechanics.

We have more on what to ask the mechanic when you’re at the shop here.


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