Our Own House Fire

Haven’t been posting because we recently had our own house fire.  It was small and contained, but nonetheless, a fire.  We were very lucky that we were home and awake.

It was around 8:30 at night, and smoke began filling the house.

Erik, my husband, and I were asking each other – are you cooking? did you leave something on somewhere? – and we’re running around trying to find the source of the fire. The smoke is getting thicker, the smell is awful, he’s feeling the walls for heat, I run into the pantry to grab this little fire extinguisher, the smoke is getting worse, and I realize ‘We’re not professionally trained to handle a fire…’ and call 911.

We were told by the 911 operator to evacuate. I leashed our dog, Lovey, and grabbed my camera and cell phone. Just two weeks earlier, I had taken pictures of EVERYTHING in the house to begin a home inventory update.  Of course, I hadn’t downloaded a single shot. Everything was put in my purse, I took a flashlight and ran out telling Erik I was going to steer the first responders to our house.

It’s impossible to find our house. We live down a dirt road, and there is no address visible anywhere.  As Lovey and I ran down our steep driveway, down the road, I thought of WhatHappensNow and the item I had posted for at least two weeks about making sure your address is clear from the road so first responders can find you.

And I was running to the end of the drive, frantically waving a flashlight so fire and police would know where to go.

Lesson #1: Make sure your address is visible!

More lessons to come ….

– Susan

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