Duluth, MN is Flooding

I grew up in Duluth, so news of the flooding reached me quickly.

Duluth is situated on a hill; this really shows flash flooding can happen anywhere at anytime. With 8+ inches of rain overnight (and more in other parts of the region), it’s no surprise the city is literally overflowing. The picture in this post shows a street I used to walk on to go to school, which is down a steep hill on the left.

Unfortunately, the Duluth Zoo was hard hit. The LA Times reported at least 14 animals didn’t survive the night. There is a good news Zoo story though –  two seals, Feisty and Helen, swam away in the flood waters and ended up on a street where very good Samaritans rescued them. The seals are safe, and probably telling the other animals about their adventures.

Check out some of the flood images here from the Mpls. Star Tribune, there’s a seal image at the end.

We’ll keep watching the news – there’s more rain forecasted for the area.  As with all disasters, our thoughts are with everyone impacted by the rain and flooding.

– Susan

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