Post Tornado – Things You’ll Need

Here are good tips from tornado survivors – most of these come from the ‘wish I’d thought of these items before the tornado’ list.

Be sure to put this stuff in your home emergency kit just case. Depending on the level of destruction (your home, neighborhood or the entire town?) some of these things may not be easily accessible unless you have it stored ahead of time.

  1. Cash for purchases (Why? If there’s no electricity,  ATMs won’t work.)
  2. Cell phone, phone card, or quarters for land line.
  3. Clothing and personal items – Pretend you’re camping in the woods for two weeks – everyone in your family will need socks, good shoes (cover the ankles!) underwear, deodorant, meds, toothbrush/paste, short and long sleeved shirts/tops, shorts, long slacks/jeans, pajamas, hat (sun protection), diapers, formula, etc.
  4. Pets – Pet food, meds, leash, collar, ID. Also, consider nearby friends/boarders/pet care providers if needed.
  5. Notebook/pen and envelope for your Disaster Diary – track and all cash and credit card expenses, receipts and cash flow, names of disaster agencies, account numbers, phone numbers, and more.
  6. If your home is destroyed, you’ll need to think about temporary housing.  This may be a hotel, maybe a friend’s house?
  7. Finally – you’ll need to ask for help and aid longer than you think.

– Susan

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