Get Your Family Ready for Freezing Weather

Winter is reporting that it’s about to get Arctic cold for most of the US, particularly the East and Midwest.

Here are some of our tips on getting the family as ready as possible for the cold blast:

  1. Plan Ahead:
    Have extra blankets on hand and if possible, make sure everyone has:
    – warm coat
    – gloves or mittens
    – warm socks
    – hat
    – water-resistant boots
  2. Emergency response and school closings
    Know the emergency response plan for your workplace, each child’s school or daycare center, as well as other places where your family spends time.
  3. Basic house knowledge
    Make sure your older family members know basic first aid and house skills (how to turn off the house water, gas and electricity at the main valves or switches.)

And, listen to your local weather forecaster and read through the following tips to keep your family warm in winter weather.

More details at: Getting Your Family Ready for Winter.

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