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Save Money, Have a Baby (1 of 5)

You Just Found Out Your Pregnant and You Want to Buy Everything!

Hi Mom and Dad!
Hi Mom and Dad!

So, you just found out you’re pregnant.  Let’s face it…the “nesting instinct” has officially taken over and you immediately want to run out and buy every soft cuddly thing you can get your hands on.

Coming from a couple of experienced baby planners, we say…HOLD YOUR HORSES!

The good news is…there are thousands of baby products out there.  The bad news is…there are thousands of baby products out there.

The pressure to purchase every single item on the market is enormous.  You don’t need it all and most people can’t afford it all.  Well, drop the guilt trip and let’s talk penny pinching, recycling, and re-purposing.


From here until due date you are going to be spending many weekends roaming the baby aisles.  To help you get through we have put together some general tips and tricks to help along the way.

When Purchasing New :

  • First and foremost, you don’t need everything the minute you wheel out of the hospital. Eating, sleeping, and pooping don’t require itty-bitty baby shoes. Wait until those feet are being used for their true purpose – standing, walking, etc.
  • Don’t shop too early. Be aware of return policies when purchasing baby products. Most policies are 90 days and if baby doesn’t like that soft carrier you fell in love with and bought four months earlier, you just may be stuck with it.
  • Keep ALL receipts, tags, and packaging until you are sure the item will become a permanent fixture in your home.
  • Grab your winter coat, mittens, hat, & scarf – the best baby sales are in January.
  • Looking to support the local community but think you can’t afford the prices at those smaller baby boutiques? Don’t rule out those specialty stores – many will match the big box prices.

Want to recycle or reuse?:

  • Everything from bathtubs to Baby Bjorns can be purchased used. Not only are you saving money but reducing waste. * For safety reasons we strongly recommend cribs, car seats, and breast pumps be purchased new.
  • Good opportunities to snag those used items are…craigslist, eBay, garage sales, consignment (check out stores in upscale neighborhoods), and
  • Have a friend with an infant quickly growing out of clothing, toys, etc.? Ask for hand-me-downs. Babies grow so fast often times things only get used a handful of times.
  • Try before you buy. Bouncy seats, swings, and carriers can be either a lifesaver or a nightmare.  If friends and family can spare their baby paraphernalia for a few days, we say borrow before you make the purchase.

Now that we have given you some general hints about baby shopping, our next posts will talk specifics for the Nursery, your On-the-Go lifestyle, essential items Around the House, and Clothing.

See you!

– Sarah and Linda

Linda Bauchwitz and Sarah Chambers are a mother/daughter team and owners of Before & After Baby Planning LLC, a concierge and consulting service that helps new and expectant parents prepare for their new arrival.  They can be reached at 763-494-3201 and on the web at:

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