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Don’t Be Rude, Threaten Me or Yell

MSNBC’s Chris Elliot has a nice article that talks about six things you should never do while traveling. A couple of examples – don’t be rude and don’t yell.

We were yelled at in an NYC airport for line jumping.  There was this very uptight woman who had obviously been waiting (and watching) the line. As we stepped into a line, she let us know ‘HEY – THE LINE IS BEHIND ME!”

Sadly, she had a faux-fit because we were actually in a completely different line than she was. She was kind of embarassed, and we just felt bad for her because – wow – what a day she was having!

Check out  10 flying do’s and don’t’s.

Screaming Child on a Plane

Flying w/Kids for the Holidays

Snakes are a joy compared to a screaming child on a plane.

If you’re a parent – or a nearby passenger – you know that the change in the plane’s cabin pressure most often starts kids howling.

So if you’re flying with kids this holiday season, we have collected advice from other parents on making your plane a ‘no-cry’ zone.

  1. Something to drink, eat or suck on. Bring a bottle for infants, a juice box or two, or Cheerios or goldfish crackers. No thirsty or not hungry?  Give a special treat sucker.  Why? As the cabin pressure changes, swallowing helps to ‘pop’ ears and alleviate pressure.
  2. Plan your travel around sleep or nap times.  Kids will do better if completely sacked out upon take off or landing.
  3. Build your own Emergency Entertainment Kit. Entertain your child as best you can for the few minutes while cabin is pressurized.
  4. Nothing working? Prepare to reach out to those around you by offering free earplugs.  Earplugs can be purchased inexpensively and come in individual sterile packaging.  If your child is inconsolable, offering earplugs can go a long way to pacifying frustrated passengers around you.

Here’s to quiet travels this holiday season!

- Susan

Connecting Flights – A Time Tip


We’re getting a lot of airline questions lately – Sarah from DC wants to know – “What’s the least amount of time you can have between connecting flights?”

We checked with Northwest Airlines and they say 30 minutes between flights.  I suggest calling your airline and asking what their policy is.

However,  I would not recommend 30 minutes between flights.  We were leaving on vacation and our flight was 10 minutes late taking off. Yes, you guessed it – we had 30 minutes to get the connecting flight, but our connecting flight had left (on time) before we’d even landed.  Think using a travel web site may make a difference?  Read one of our WhatHappensNow.com staffer’s layover experience here.

So if at all possible, build in an hour at least – it’s better to wait for 20 minutes to board than throw the entire vacation schedule out of whack….

– Susan

What Things Are Allowed In Carry-On Luggage?

So we got this question today – What is allowed in carry-on?
It’s a good question and as it turns out, timely.
Why?  Well, there’s the vacation I’m planning for next Spring.  It’s the same vacation that will see me cram as much as I possibly can into a carry on to avoid the $25 “extra bag charge”.  It’s about conquering the ‘carry-on-conundrum -here’s what the experts have told us

2) Carry On Bags – Make It All Fit

3) I may splurge and bring that extra bag. If you’re wondering howmuch that will cost – here’s a listing of all the major carriers’ phone numbers and web sites.

4) And lastly – cheap travel tips.

Happy travels (and here’s to one carry on…)