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Snow and Cold

Winter is fun!
Winter Can Be Fun!

OK, itPosts‘s -3 in Mpls., MN today.  The National Weather Service says the arctic freeze is everywhere.

Here are some things we’ve learned about cold weather:

1. Mittens vs. Gloves: Mittens win re: they seem to keep the entire hand warm. Gloves let the cold divide and conquer.

2. Hats: Need to cover the entire head and fit below the ear lobes.

3. Ladies: No hanging metal earrings, no matter how precious.

4. Dogs: Dogs with little or no coat (think Greyhound, AmStaf Terrier) need a dog parka.  And possibly booties.  Dogs with coats (Goldens, German shepard) can handle the cold, but bring them in after a few minutes just in case.

5. Road conditions – Watch for black ice.

According to Merriam Webster, black ice is a nearly transparent film of ice on a dark surface (as a paved road or a body of water) that is difficult to see.

You’ll find it on bridges, over and under passes and, for some reason, on clover leaf exit/entrance ramps. Watch your driving, turning, on/off ramps and braking because I’ve been in two car accidents because of black ice.

6. Ankle boots vs. Above-ankle boots.  Winner – above ankle boots.  Snow in your shoes just once answers this question.

7. Winter and Health: The American Heart Association has some good tips on winter health here.

Stay warm!