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The Car is Not a Dog Park

OK, so Lauren Fix, the Car Coach (you’ve seen her on the TODAY show), writes for us now and then.  She sent us a great article on Pet Safety and Your Car.

We looked through this and saw that our dog, Lovey, probably believes that our car is a dog park.  We let her do everything in the car she shouldn’t – sit in my lap, move from front to back seat, and we let her hang out her window (though I hang on to her).

So, we’re revising our car routine for Lovey so everyone is safe.

Thanks for the tips Lauren!

– Susan

Obamas Pick the Portuguese Water Dog

The Portuguese Water Dog will be the next first dog, CNN reports.

Well, the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America is probably beside itself.

Some of the pix we’ve seen of PWDs show them half shaved (back half…).  We’re hoping the Obamas don’t do that; it looks like a groomer began shaving then had a change of heart. At the left is how the dog should look.

There’s no name yet, according to Mrs. Obama.  The girls have suggested names like Frank and Moose, which haven’t gone over well.  Everyone’s still thinking.

– Susan

Best of the Day – Stump at the Westminster Dog Show

OK, a couple of posts about the dogs, but who doesn’t love a good-looking dog? We’re watching the 133rd Westminster Dog Show.

Congratulations to the Best in Show winner – the 10 year-old Sussex, Stump, from the Sporting Group!  He’s the oldest winner at the Westminster and a well-deserved champion. We’re fans of the sporting group since Office Dog Lovey is a golden and in that group (she’s pictured here).

hey, I'm too much of an imp to be a show dog
hey, I don't need a cheese cloth filter on this photo to make me look good... oh, it's just out of focus...

We’re seeing a lot of ads about animal shelters and adopting dogs.  We’ve collected some terrific advice on what to think about when you’re adopting a dog – or any pet – go here for our info and go here for more ideas from the American Kennel Club – 101 suggestions on being a responsible dog owner (no pressure – just 101…)(if only kids came with hundred of suggestions….)

And, is it us or are these Westminster dogs better looking that most? (yah, it’s a joke, we know they’re best of the best of the best….).

Just saw a commercial about traveling with pets.  Say, if you’re traveling with a dog, check out these tips from our interviews with experts and dog owners …

Flying with a pet

Driving with a pet

Don’t Freeze Your Dog

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about dogs in this frigid winter weather.

Im ready to come inside
I'm ready to come inside

We spoke to Dr. Eric Ruhland, a veterinarian from Hastings, Minnesota (current temp: -6), about his guidelines for keeping dogs safe in this Arctic weather.

1. Small Dogs (under 20, up to 50)

Smaller breeds get colder faster. Keep them outdoors no more that five minutes.

Why? Small dogs, like Yorkies, have a larger surface to volume ratio – which means more surface area and smaller bodies (the opposite of an elephant which has a lot of volume).

2. Large Dogs (over 50 pounds)

Larger dogs, like German Shepards, can be outside up to 10 minutes in this freezing weather.

3. An Outdoor Dog?

If you have a dog that’s always outside no matter what, they need an enclosed area of an enclosed exclusion from the elements that has at least six inches of bedding. There are laws in every state for keeping a dog safe and outdoors. As an example, here is Minnesota’s law.

4. For All Dogs

For all dogs, watch for frostbite. Dr. Ruhland says there are several areas to be concerned about:

  • Noses (they are wet and can easily freeze)
  • The inside back of the thighs (almost no hair!)
  • The insides of ears
  • Ear tips

And Dr. Ruhland’s rule of thumb? If you think it’s cold outside, so does your dog.

Thanks Dr. Ruhland!

– Susan