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Blizzard Coming? 2 Things to Remember

When a blizzard or winter storm warning is in the forecast, it’s a good thing to know the emergency response plan for your workplace, your children’s school or child care center, as well as other places where your family spends time (i.e. church, gym, rec center).

If you need to go get a child, friend or family member, be sure your car emergency kit is ready. Include water, first aid, and a way to signal need for help, flashlight & batteries, warm blankets, a shovel, and a battery-operated radio.

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Leave Your House in 3 Minutes – What to Take?

If you were forced to evacuate your home and you only had 3 minutes, what would you grab?

The Grab-and-Go kit came about after readers sent us what they wished they’d had after they had to evacuate. Here are 10 things you should have ready to go at any moment.

  1. Cash (at least $100 – ATMs might not work in an emergency), credit cards, checks, IDs
  2. Cell phone and extra charger
  3. Clothing for each family member for a week (grab extra items for winter)
  4. Extra set of house and car keys
  5. Family heirlooms, jewelry, art, anything else that has sentimental value and is “irreplaceable”
  6. Home videos and photos, digital camera memory cards
  7. Important papers (i.e. birth certificates, insurance policies, marriage certificates, house deeds, passports, address book
  8. Medications and other special needs (enough for a week or two)


  1. Put these items in a backpack, duffle, plastic container, etc.
  2. Make sure it is sturdy and possibly water-proof in case of flooding or other water damage (i.e. water from fire hoses).
  3. Tell your family members about the location and importance of this kit and when to grab it!

Remember to update your kit or check on its  location at least once a month.

Road Trip!

van.jpgI’m in the planning stages of a 1400 mile road trip from Minneapolis to Boston. It’s my first road trip since the good ol’ family vacation days so I’m very excited to break out the road atlas and get started!

Here’s our pre-road trip checklist:

1. Schedule a car tune-up. The chosen car for the journey is in impeccable condition but it needs all of the fluids checked and the oil changed before we go.

2. Map out the route and the pit stops along the way. Don’t forget to pencil in fueling stops and other important landmarks to stop and see. Here are some helpful resources I discovered while browsing online:

3. Make a packing checklist. Along with the obvious things like clothes, IDs, credit cards and the camera, we’ll also need to pack a few road trip needs:

  • Audiobooks
  • Car emergency kit
  • Change for tolls (calculate your toll cost [for-profit site]- looks like we’ll be paying over $40 for tolls – that’s a lot of change!)
  • Cellphone and car charger
  • Cooler filled with water and snacks to fill the gap between stops
  • GPS
  • Maps and road atlas
  • Roadside assistance membership card and emergency contact number
  • Sunglasses (make it easier on your eyes as you drive)

4. Other helpful resources we plan to print out and use:

Am I forgetting something? How do you plan for a road trip? Share in the Comments below!