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Know Your Plot – Michael Jackson Doesn’t….

Here’s an interesting item from MSNBC –

Based on California code, Michael Jackson’s final resting spot is up to this estranged parents, Joe and Katherine Jackson.

The article states – “If a person didn’t leave instructions and means to provide for their own burial, there is a clear pecking order of who has the right to control disposition of remains and make arrangements, according to California Health and Safety Code Section 7100.

Control goes first to the power of attorney for health care (Jackson doesn’t appear to have one), then to a surviving competent spouse, then to a competent adult child, and if none of those options exist, power rests with the deceased’s parents.”

Now, Joe and Katherine haven’t been together for some time apparently.  And, they don’t see eye-to-eye on many things (the tip of that iceberg is here).

This is why it is so important to decide how you’d like to be buried, cremated – whatever – before you go.  That way, there are no worries about what your state does or doesn’t allow or who chooses what as you’ll have this laid out in a legally-binding will.

Otherwise you’ll end up like Michael Jackson, and it remains to be seen what happens to his remains.

Learn from Michael, read this info on pre-arrangements and make plans now.

- Susan

Farrah and Michael

Wow.  Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson both pass away on the same day.  Farrah, 62, after a long battle with cancer and Michael, 50, paassed away after a cardiac arrest.

Farrah passed away in the hospital surrounded by friends, including Ryan O’Neal, who has been her long-time partner. Her death, while crushing for family and friends, was not unexpected in the last few weeks.

Michael’s death, on the other hand, is surprising people.  After his prolific life in music, the glare of the legal spotlight and his marriages; he will be remembered.

Thoughts go to family, friends and fans of both.

Best of the Day – Simon Cowell

Simon the Frozen, via wikipedia

Simon Cowell wants to freeze himself when he passes so he can come back later – kind of like human syndication…

This freezing process is called cryogenics. It has been around for years, though it really came into its own in 1997 when Austin D. Powers was successfully brought back to fight his nemesis, Dr. Evil.

Though, even with that advance, cryogenics still focuses primarily on freezing fairly mundane things like metals and other materials.

It will cost an arm and a leg to freeze Simon.  If that price tag is too high for you, check out these low-cost funeral options as well as a look at average funeral cost.

Need more? Check out SmartMoney’s article on saving on funeral costs.

Those who passed in 08

Writing a Eulogy

There are a lot of 2008 summaries on news sites.  I’m seeing the requisite list of famous and influential people who passed away this year.  Heath Ledger, George Carlin, Bernie Mac, Tim Russert…

One of the most common questions we get about funerals is how to write a eulogy.  Here are some ideas readers have sent to us –

  • Talk about the person’s unique characteristics – their choice of clothing; their way of laughing, telling stories, talking
  • Did they take memorable vacations
  • Were they know for their work
  • Make the speech simple to read
  • Some things that might be funny to your friends and age group might not be appropriate for everyone attending. Err on the sides of caution, respect and dignity.

More good advice on our article – Writing a Eulogy

– Susan