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Candy Corn Day

Yesterday was Candy Corn Day (crafty candy makers – marketing the day before Halloween so you’re tempted to eat all the candy before the kids arrive…).

Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween

Speaking of kids – for anyone expecting little ghosts and goblins at their front door, here are some tips:

1) Clean Sweep

Clear and sweep your walkway and driveway to be sure kids won’t trip over rakes, toys, hoses, etc.

2) Light Up

Keep walkways and front porches well lit. Why? Kids often trick or treat in groups and don’t pay attention to anything except what’s in that candy bowl.  In dim light, it’s too easy for an over-excited kid to trip on a flower pot and get hurt.

3) Not Home?

If you’re not going to be home, turn the front lights off.  Nothing is more disappointing than expecting to get some candy and then realizing no one’s home.  Times are hard enough, don’t let the kids down…

4) Dogs and cats

If you’ve got pets that are feisty or bark when people come around, keep them away from the front door.  You know your dog is adorable, but to a child your dog is a big set of barking teeth.

Last thought …

Here’s a good article on costume safety for kids.

And – it’s a Friday night Halloween so if you’re an adult going out to have fun – designate a driver or take cabs.  We recently heard from a reader about a DUI that cost upwards of $11,000 to get through.  That’s a lot of cab rides…

See you this weekend!

- Susan