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Home Break In – Tips from a Theft Survivor (2 of 2)

Here are Elizabeth’s last five tips. Missed part one?  You can read it here.

Follow up with police
Follow up with police
  1. If you can, find photos and receipts of any of the missing items for insurance purposes.  Having trouble?  Many stores keep a list of customers and their purchase.  For example, it’s pretty easy to find receipts for good jewelry.  Another good tip?  Ask for family photos from holidays or celebrations at your house – your things will be in the background.
  2. Be proactive and look for your things.  Local pawn shops can be a great place to start.
  3. Follow up with the police.  Your responding officer will give you a case reference number – refer to it when you call to follow up.
  4. In Elizabeth’s case a suspect was caught.  They got a call from the county attorney’s office regarding the suspect’s trial date and restitution (payment to us for the stolen and un-recovered items).  She says that when you’re calculating restitution be sure to include your insurance deductible and depreciation that was taken out of your insurance settlement.
  5. Pay attention to the case.  If guilty and sentenced, the thief will have longer to “work off what they owe back to you” while in jail.  This gives you an idea if there’s a chance you’ll see the full amount of your restitution.

BONUS TIP!  Be patient. Be prepared for the process to take time.  Elizabeth felt luck that someone was caught – from identification of a suspect through a guilty plea and sentencing, their process was two months.

Thanks Elizabeth!

– Susan

Home Break In – Tips from a Theft Survivor (1 of 2)

Here’s a real life home theft experience sent into us from Elizabeth.

Coming home after a family event, she and her husband found a door open and realized that they’d been broken into.

After her experience, Elizabeth has 10 great tips to pass along.

  1. Be sure to have a home inventory list!  They had one and it made figuring out what was missing much, much easier.
  2. After the break-in, don’t touch anything!
  3. Call the police.  Crime scene experts arrived on the scene and dusted for prints.
  4. Call your insurance agent.  Be sure to check your policy to see the conditions of depreciative and replacement value.  It can always help in advance if you’ve done your homework on insurance riders.
  5. Consult your home inventory list, and make a list of specifically those items that are missing.

Elizabeth has five more tips coming so you know what to do in case your home is broken into.

– Susan

Rainy Days

2230205.JPGHere in Minneapolis it has rained everyday this week and it seems the pattern is going to continue well into next week. Rain, rain go away!

If you’re stuck inside this weekend due to bad weather or really hot weather, here are a few activities you could easily tackle in an afternoon:

1. Do a home inventory! We do say it a lot but it’s the number one thing you can do to financially prepare for disasters. We’ve made it super easy to get started. Learn how…

2. Make emergency information cards. Handy for sleepovers and easy to slip into briefcases and backpacks, these little cards can help in an emergency situation.

3. Get a head start on birthday and wedding gifts. For bridal showers, a wedding day emergency kit is an inexpensive yet practical gift. For birthdays, get something your loved ones may not think to buy for themselves – emergency preparedness items like weather radios, flashlights and first aid kits. Click on the corresponding links for lists to print out and take with you as you shop.

4. Do some maintenance work on your cars, bikes and motorcycles. Regular maintenance is key to accident prevention.

5. Order your free credit report. This’ll help you spot identity theft before it’s too late.

Have a fantastic weekend and we’ll see you back here on Monday!

Tornado Oddities

MSNBC posted such an interesting article about the recent tornadoes in Hugo, Minn. and I just had to write about it here.

Tornadoes are notorious for causing mass destruction often obliterating everything in its path but often some items go untouched:

As residents in Hugo begin to move on from last week’s tornado, some say they noticed a few bizarre things amid all the damage. Jason Akins said the twister unwound a roll of toilet paper in his bathroom — draped it across the countertop, then rewound it in the sink. The toilet paper didn’t even rip.

“All I could say was, ‘You have got to be kidding me,'” Akins recalled.

He also said that winds overturned sofas and ripped away his roof, but dishes of cat food and water were untouched. The cat food was actually still in the bowl. [MSNBC]

While researchers and meteorologists do everything they can in their power to learn more about severe weather, it just goes to show that tornadoes and other forces of nature are still hard to explain.

So what can we do to deal or prepare for something unexpected? Here are a few suggestions from disaster survivors:

1. Do a home inventory. While this may not protect you from the storm, it will protect your assets and help you as you file an insurance claim after a huge disaster. Learn how to get started…

2. Make a home emergency preparedness kit. This is a project you can easily tackle in an afternoon. Print out this PDF list and head to the store to buy the items you’ll need.

3. Make an emergency plan.

  • Know where your public shelters are
  • Know the evacuation routes or map out your own route
  • Learn about the emergency plans for your work and your children’s schools
  • Create a emergency exit plan for your home

4. Learn about your own home’s vulnerability. Live in a flood-prone area? Or live near Tornado Alley? Make a list of the likely scenarios that could happen in your area then head to our Natural Disasters section and choose a topic (hurricane, flood, tornado, earthquake, blizzard, thunderstorms) to learn more on getting prepared.

Have an odd severe weather story? We’d love to hear it! Share your story in the Comments section below!!

Are You Ready for a Disaster?

Our local CBS TV station WCCO has been busy covering the aftermath of this weekend’s tornadoes in Hugo, MN, and for last night’s Good Question feature segment, reporter Jason DeRusha asked the tough question: Are You Ready for a Disaster?

Our publisher, Susan Evans, was interviewed for the segment and she offered some great home inventory tips: see the video here.

Thanks to Jason DeRusha and all of the team at WCCO!