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Guy Ritchie – I love her, and she’s retarded

Guy Ritchie talks with Esquire about his life – and the writer sneaks in a couple of Maddona questions.

Ritchie says he still loves her and she’s retarded.

Hmmmm…..many people who are divorced probably share this sentiment about their ex.

If you’re starting down the ‘love-her-she’s-retarded’ path, here’s some advice from a reader on the admin side of divorce.

– Susan

Madonna and Guy: Untying the Knot

Guy Ritchie needs a good divorce attorney as Madge seems to be pulling out all the stops.

When we talk with lawyers around the country, they say divorce comes down to dividing the assets and the kids.

A Minnesota lawyer named Jonathan Fogel wrote an article that talks about five key steps to take if you’re thinking about untying the knot.

It’s smart advice¬†and it’s free.¬† Maybe we should forward this to Mr. Ritchie?