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Quick Tip: Two Things to Remember If Car Is Stolen

While there are a lot of things to remember if your car has been stolen we have two tips from policemen that are top of the list:

1. Know your license plate number. Why? It’s harder to find a ‘blue Honda civic’ than a blue Honda civic license plate number WHN 123.

2. Dents and Dings. Know the unique features on your car (location of dents, cracks, bumper stickers, etc). This helps distinguish your car from others that are the same make, model.

– Susan

Quick Tip: Home Theft – Don’t Touch Anything!

Home broken into? Don’t touch anything – especially food in the fridge!

Thieves might take food or even meds from the medicine cabinet.  Notify the police – the write down what’s missing or eaten. This might seem trivial, but it could catch your thief because of the fingerprints left behind on the medicine cabinet and throughout the kitchen.

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