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Why People Don’t Heed Severe Weather Warnings

Find Shelter Now
Find Shelter Now

This is interesting- NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) released information on why some people take cover during severe weather, and others opt to ‘ride it out’ and not take cover.

Their report looked at Super Tuesday (Feb. 5-6, 2008) where 82 tornadoes ripped through nine Southern states, killing 57, injuring 350 and causing $400 million in property damage.

Interestingly – the report found that 2/3rds of the victims were in mobile homes and 60% didn’t have access to shelter like a basement or storm cellar. We’ve got a mobile home prep article here.  If you know someone who lives in a mobile home, be sure to pass this on to them.

The report also said that on this Super Tuesday, many people didn’t think the tornado threat was bad (it was February, not a month known for storms…) so they didn’t take cover.  And then there’s what experts call the optimism bias, which is the belief that bad things only happen to other people.

Read all of NOAA’s Service Assessment reports here.

Holiday Toy Safety


Sarah and Linda – our “Baby Ladies” – are back again with another great post to help keep your holidays safe where toys are concerned.  Thanks to Sarah and Linda for the great tips on toy safety below.

So here are the top five toy hazards to be aware of

1. Scooters and other riding toys: Helmets & safety gear should fit and be worn at all times.

2. Small toys or toy parts that can fit through a toilet paper roll are choking hazards for children under three years.

3. Balloons: Children under 8 yrs. can choke on un-inflated or broken balloons.

4. Magnets: For children under 6 yrs. – avoid building or play sets with small magnets.

5. Chargers and adaptors can pose thermal burn hazards to children. Charging should be supervised by adults.

Once gifts are open, immediately discard plastic wrappings, keep big kid toys away from little ones, and read all instructions and warnings!

To stay up to date on children and infant recalls, visit our website at www.planning4baby.com.

We want to wish you all a happy holiday season!

Sarah & Linda

“The Baby Ladies”