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Biking Under Freezing

Our offices are in Minneapolis’ warehouse district – an eclectic blend of small businesses, restaurants and condos.

For the past week, it’s been between -5 and -20 below zero.  (We have windchills of -30; it feels like it’s -30 when the wind blows.  Yes, we choose to live here….)

We got in this morning and passed two bikes at the building’s bike rack, which means two brave people are biking into work.  God knows where they get that kind of insanity courage in this weather.

There are some rules to biking in the snow and here’s how those hearty souls handle the snow, ice, skidding cars, slippery tires and more….


Quick Answers for Kids, Cold Weather, and the Holidays

Seattle, Chicago, Minneapolis, Portland, Milwaukee – and the list of frozen states continues. 

We’re getting questions via phone about unplugged entertainment for kids since there’s no power and no school in much of the northern half of the country.

Solution: Here’s a good list of non-electric games and ideas for mom and dad.  We call it the Kids Emergency Entertainment Kit.

Another question we’re getting – ice dams.  For those of you who don’t know what that is, count yourself among the lucky.

Solution: Here’s info on Ice Dams: Prevention and Removal.

Holiday travel is always a bit dicey – moreso now with the crazy weather.  Lots of people are worried about their homes – are they secured?

Solution: Here are some tips from seasoned travelers on keeping your house safe and secure while you’re enjoying holiday travels.

Happy Holidays!